Revision of draft Saba cultural policy plan 2023-2030

  • 11 sep
  • Maarten Reith
  • 107

The Saba Cultural Policy Plan 2023-2030, with a focus on heritage and increased community participation, represents a significant step towards preserving and enhancing Saba's rich cultural heritage. Beneath an overview of the key components and goals of this plan.

1. Collaborative Approach: The Department of Community Development and Culture, in partnership with the Saba Heritage Center, is leading the effort to revise the cultural policy plan. This collaborative approach ensures that the plan is comprehensive and inclusive, addressing the needs and aspirations of the entire community.

2. Integral Approach: The revised policy plan takes an integral approach to culture, recognizing that culture is not limited to specific activities or institutions but is woven into the fabric of daily life. It aims to promote a holistic understanding of culture that encompasses heritage, arts, traditions, and contemporary expressions.

3. Cultural Agenda: The policy plan is closely aligned with the cultural agenda being developed in collaboration with the Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture, and Science). This alignment ensures that cultural initiatives on Saba are in sync with broader national and regional cultural objectives.

4. Community Engagement: One of the primary objectives of the plan is to encourage greater community participation in cultural activities and initiatives. This will be achieved through various means:

  • Stakeholder Sessions: The Saba Heritage Center will organize sessions with stakeholders from various sectors, including local artists, cultural organizations, educators, and community leaders. These sessions will provide a platform for sharing ideas and gathering input on cultural policy.
  • Workshops: Workshops will be conducted to facilitate discussions on specific cultural topics, allowing community members to actively contribute to shaping cultural policies and initiatives.
  • Open Days: Open days at the Saba Heritage Center will be organized to invite the community to explore and appreciate their heritage. It will be an opportunity for residents to connect with their cultural roots and share their insights.

5. Inclusivity: The policy plan emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring that all segments of the population have the opportunity to engage in cultural activities. It will consider the diverse cultural backgrounds and interests of Saba's residents.

6. Cultural Preservation: Heritage preservation is a central focus of the plan. Efforts will be made to document, protect, and promote Saba's cultural heritage, including its traditional practices, historic sites, and artifacts.

7. Implementation and Monitoring: The Department of Community Development and Culture, in collaboration with the Saba Heritage Center, will oversee the implementation of the plan. Regular monitoring and evaluation will be conducted to assess progress and make necessary adjustments.

8. Funding and Resources: Adequate funding and resources will be allocated to support the initiatives outlined in the policy plan. This involves seeking external funding opportunities and partnerships to maximize the impact of cultural programs.

Overall, the Saba Cultural Policy Plan 2023-2030 represents a commitment to preserving, celebrating, and enriching Saba's cultural heritage while actively involving the community in the process. It is a forward-looking document that recognizes the vital role culture plays in the identity and well-being of the island's residents.